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Sildenafil 100mg

Sildenafil Citrate

Generic viagra (sildenafil citrate) aims to increase sexual pleasure of millions of people; it is a reliable and cost-effective means for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, the main problem of a large number of men. The combination of active ingredients included in the composition of the drug, allows you to effectively cope with the syndrome of erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil 100mg offers the same high quality that is safe, as its expensive counterpart. Due to its reasonable cost, generic, no doubt, is an alternative for those people, who want to receive sexual pleasure with minimum costs, the only considerable distinction in the rights to the patent.

Generic Viagra is biosimilar analogue of the well-known brands. Before the expiration of the patent, for example, on Viagra, any of firms not in the right to let out preparations with the same name, which, however, does not prevent them from producing similar preparations under another brand. With regard to the question of the composition and quality of the products, then this product is subject to the same quality standards as expensive brand. In addition, you can find minor differences only in taste, color, form, manner of packaging and labelling.

Due to its reasonable cost, sildenafil 100mg, no doubt, is an alternative for those people, who want to receive sexual pleasure with minimum costs. Than it differs from expensive brands?

The effect of sildenafil is to increase the filling of the penis with blood, that is, the drug restores natural potency, and it is the cause of its immense popularity.

The effectiveness of sildenafil is high, but it strongly depends on the type of erectile dysfunction and concomitant diseases. If erectile dysfunction vascular, the drug is very effective in case of pathology in the form of the venous drainage effect is significantly weaker.

  • I must say that sildenafil 100 mg does not increase sexual desire and helps achieve and maintain stable erection throughout the sexual act.

Viagra doesn’t help in the case of gross fibrosis of cavernous bodies of a member of the men. Before you start taking the medication, you need to consult an urologist or a sex therapist, it would be nice to seem internist and cardiologist, to find out whether you have heart disease. If there is any chronic diseases need to visit the relevant specialist.

Tablet sildenafil 100 mg taken one hour before sexual intimacy, in 30 minutes – 60 means to act, the duration of its validity is about 4 hours. The best time of the taking – to be eaten, so the effect is faster. Take sildenafil 100mg need only then, when to sexual intercourse, and you cannot take more than 1 pill a day.

Sildenafil citrate has three standard dosage is 25, 50, 100 milligrams. It is possible to begin taking with an average dose and depending on result to correct in one way or another. There is another approach is to start with the lowest dosage, further increase up to produce a good effect. In the sale of most often there are tablets sildenafil 100 mg, which you can easily divide in half.

The safety of sildenafil citrate proved by numerous clinical trials, however, noted its interaction with nitrates, which are used in the treatment of heart diseases. Therefore men taking Cardicat, Isoket, nitroglycerin, Deponit, Perlinganit, Sustac, Nitrosorbide, effox, Olicard, nitrong, Monocinque, monosan and other similar drugs, Viagra (Generic Viagra) is contraindicated.

Careful with sildenafil citrate should be people who previously had been cases of priapism (pathology, manifested in the penis, not related to erotic stimulation, and continued for several hours, causing pain in the penis). Those who after receiving sildenafil citrate sits behind the wheel of a car, should know that sometimes after taking the drug comes quickly passing through the change of the perception of color with a predominance of blue colour.

In the long admission sildenafil 100mg) to date, there were no negative consequences. The drug does not affect the ability of a man to have children. On the contrary, if during her childbearing age absence of erection prevents a child, receiving sildenafil 100mg eliminate this problem. Taking sildenafil citrate has no effect on the activity and the number of sperm.

Older people when deciding on the admission of sildenafil 100 mg is necessary to proceed from the state of cardiovascular system. If the physical load (fast walking, climbing stairs) there is pain in the heart, the risk is not worth it.

The drug is designed for men, so ladies take it do not need to.

It is possible that someone sildenafil 100mg not help. This is a very effective tool, but not the only one. So you can pick up a particular drug or consult with a physician.

Generic Viagra is able to bring the joy and pleasure of sexual life for a reasonable price.

Enjoy life using sildenafil citrate!!!